Slogging round the stores, dodging the wind and rain, fighting off other customers so you can get the last big Toblerone... It’s tough out there when it comes to buying gifts for men.

This year our curators have done the hard work for you, sourcing only the most stylish design-led gifts from around the world and matching them to the personality types of the men in your life.

Whether you’re buying for Mister Tech, Mister Vintage or even - poor you - Mister Grumpy, we’ve got your back, helping you tick off the Christmas gift list for boyfriends, husbands, dads and grandads in record time.

Let’s get started...


Think: Tom Hardy... He’s chilled, he’s confident and he knows what he likes. Don’t go too flashy but do make sure your gift has a great design aesthetic right out of the box. Australia’s Hunter Lab and NYC’s Blind Barber create high quality, beautifully-designed grooming products that will delight all his senses. Meanwhile inventive Brooklyn chocolate maker Mast make a great range with beautiful design - Smoke is a flavour he’ll never have tasted before.

Tom Hardy Hunter Lab Kit Blind Barber Hair Wax Mast Chocolate Smoke Flavour


Think: Bear Grylls... If he loves getting outdoors and challenging himself then perhaps wood chopping, stacking and drying could become his next obsession - yes really! With over 500,000 copies sold the new guide on this outdoor pursuit is a sure fire hit. If you still want him to look sharp after all that adventure consider Portland England’s skin and shave products, made in small batches in the UK and specially designed to cope with harsh outdoor conditions. Plus Folk’s super-thick winter socks - the most stylish around.

Bear Grylls Norwegian Wood Chopping Stacking and Drying Portland England Shave Soap Folk Winter Socks


Think: Cillian Murphy... Don’t spend hours in vintage shops... you might end up more ‘fancy dress’ than ‘vintage chic’. Instead nod to the golden age of style with a silver and brown leather watch by Wardour & Brewer. They take a love of vintage and combine it with a minimalist Scandinavian twist, while the classic Hanky by small Canadian design studio rcboisjoli is a must-have for any modern gent. Is he a cyclist? If so he’ll love a vintage brass bike bell. Ding-Ding.

Cillian Murphy Wardour and Brewer Watch  rcboisjoli Hanky  Gentlemen's Hardware Vintage Bicycle Bell


Think: Kit Harrington... If he likes his tastes dark and stormy combine playful rockabilly design with brooding black and pops of white or gold. Victorian-inspired black candles look great in any rocker's bedroom, while the tattoo-inspired Octopus mug is a kitchen must-have. Add a trendy pair of black Kreafunk wireless headphones with gold trim to finish off the look. 

 Orange Fig Victorian Candle Octopus Mug 


Think: Tom Hiddleston... If he’s got the dashing suit and the dashing smile he’s most likely a fan of dashing accessories too, so consider high-end finishing touches like a crisp rose gold and black leather watch from Wardour & Brewer. The Gentlemen’s Hardware brass manicure kit will keep his hands looking as good as his outfit, and likewise a classic men’s shoe shine kit will keep his footwear on point.

Tom Hiddleston Wardour and Brewer Rose Gold Watch Gentlemen's Hardware Manicure Kit Gentlemen's Hardware Shoe Shine Kit


Think: Ryan Gosling... If he’s a fan of clean lines and minimalist design he’ll love Hunter Lab’s natural skincare range with matte black packaging - an instant design classic, and rare too, since we import directly from Hunter HQ in Australia. Add a unique twist to his home with candles set in concrete with a geometric colour pop are a minimalist showstopper, while Scandinavian-inspired footware from Folk socks provide the ultimate in minimalist chic.

Ryan Gosling Hunter Labs Face Fuel MoisturiserConcrete CandleFolk Minimalist Socks


Think: Tesla's Elon Musk... Buying technology for tech fans can be tricky, so we’d avoid going cutting edge. Instead flip it the other way and go for those vintage touches that are a must in any trendy Silicone Valley office. Our gold-edged letter board will playfully style up his workspace, while a Goldbar Pen by Caran d’Ache will be perfect for signing his million dollar contracts. And don’t forget the original gadget - the gentleman’s watch. We’d recommend a silver mesh from Komono.

Elon Musk Letterboard Caran d'Ache Goldbar Pen Komono Winston Royale Watch


Think: George Clooney... A beard is a lifelong project and we certainly take it seriously in our Grooming collection. Favourites include Portland England’s Beard Cologne & Conditioning Oil with its gold-embossed box and leather top, Gentlemen's Hardware shaving brush with stand and a classic shaving soap with enamel tin for that truly old school shave, just like grandad used to do.

George Clooney Portland Beard Cologne Oil Gentlemen's Hardware Soap and TinGentlemen's Hardware Shave Brush


Think: Jack Dee... He’s a bit of a git but that’s ok, you still love him, right? Give him something to really complain about with the inside story of Brexit, then get him beating the family in a quiz-athon that gets him using his general knowledge to the full. Then top it all off with a special treat - Artisan du Chocolat's liquid-centred No1 Sea Salted Caramels, invented in 2002 for Gordon Ramsay's restaurant at Claridges - and he might even crack a smile before bedtime.

Jack Dee Unleashing Demons: The Inside Story of Brexit Ridley's Quiz Compendium 


Think: Stephen Fry... If he’s considered and contemplative give him something that will feed his mind, like the fascinating book Speeches that Changed the World, featuring expert analysis of how these powerful moments in history shaped our society. Enhance his surroundings with our minimalist engineer-inspired airship print with gold detail - great for the thinking man’s study or office. Then finally test his mettle with this tricky, and rather beautiful, gradient puzzle.

Stephen Fry Speeches That Changed The World Book Fly High Airship Print 


Think: Outnumbered's Tyger Drew Honey... If he’s growing up fast it’s time to treat him like a man. He’s sure to love the ‘man stuff’ he’s always dreamed, so think bottle openers, shaving tools like Gentlemen's Hardware traditional shave set or Ridley’s Texas Hold ‘Em poker set. Alongside all that there’s still room for a bit (ok a lot) of fun with the hilarious My Dad Wrote a Porno annotated book, based on the #1 smash hit podcast about a man whose dad decides to become a writer of terrible erotic fiction (cringe!).

Tyger Drew Honey Gentlemen's Hardware Traditional Shave Set Ridley's Texas Hold Em Poker Set My Dad Wrote a Porno: The Book


Whomever you're buying for this Christmas make sure you check out our Grooming, Styling, Living and Unwinding sections to find that perfect gift your man will love. And if you're looking for a little something extra try the Stocking Fillers selection - after all, what man can resist a good stocking or two at Christmas?

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