Blind Barber 60 Proof Hair Wax
Blind Barber 60 Proof Hair Wax


Blind Barber 60 Proof Hair Wax

ABOUT THE PRODUCT... Blind Barber have created this 60 Proof Medium Hold Styling Wax which allows your man to create natural styles while maintaining control and manageability. This nutrient-rich styling aid holds hair without weighing it down and allows for manipulation throughout the day; perfect for guys with longer hair who require only light control.

For best use start with 80% towel dried hair, emulsify a dime-sized dollop of hair wax in hands and apply liberally throughout hair to create a polished and weightless style. As always, be sure to start at the roots and work the wax from the back of the head to the front to ensure spreading the wax evenly throughout the hair. 

SIZE: 1.7FL oz. | 50mL

Scent: Tonka Bean

Key Ingredients: Hops

Control: Light Hold, Natural Finish, Semi Control

MISTER NEWMAN SAYS... a perfect gift for those handsome hair types who only need a light touch product to bring out the best in their barnet.

American brand Blind Barber know a thing or two about gentleman's grooming, mixing great packaging design with a really high quality product formulated in their New Jersey lab.

Hops is the key ingredient here. As it turns out, hops aren’t just for beer, they happen to be an effective conditioning and thickening agent, perfect for regulating greasy hair and dandruff. Clever stuff from this cutting-edge (pun intended) NYC brand.

And they never test on animals, so your man can walk around knowing he's got a guilt free shine. That's the kind of class we like.