Gentlemen's Hardware Shaving Brush & Stand


Gentlemen's Hardware Shaving Brush & Stand

ABOUT THE PRODUCT... Go old-school with your morning shave with this Gentlemen's Hardware superior quality shave brush and stand. 

Works perfectly with Gentlemen's Hardware Enamel Shaving Bowl and Soap set.

MISTER NEWMAN SAYS... A perfect gift for a man who appreciates authentic traditional styling and loves the fresh feeling of a trip to the barber shop.

For too long men have been shaving with high-tech 18-blade razors and space age shaving gels - and forgetting the old school simplicity of a proper wet shave.

This product is a brilliant piece of hardware, allowing your man to shave just like his grandfather by lathering up the soap like they do in the movies. And with old fashioned barber shops coming back on the scene there has never been a better time to get back to basics.

A great opportunity for a modern man to try something new, whilst at the same time revelling in something brilliantly old. And with this product's synthetic bristles you can rest assured no animals were harmed to make him look movie-star handsome.